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Reims, france


Lanson champagne is one of the oldest houses of france their black label has long been the benchmark of vintage quality champagne without the the vintage price tag. Staying with the tradition the family owned property has massive caves of hand huned stones, balanced in an almost perfect parabolic configuration inturn providing an amazing environment to produce a tremendously consistant bubble year in and out. Their youngest wines are a minimum of 3years with 5 being their overall age average. Their wines in keeping woth the old way are predominantly pinot noir and suspended punt high riddled by hand .


“ 1760 François DELAMOTTE created his own Champagne House, 

“1798 Nicolas-Louis Delamotte, a Knight of the Order of Malta, 
took over from his father and adopted the Maltese Cross 
as a trademark of the brand.

“1837 Jean-Baptiste LANSON, partner and great friend of the 
DELAMOTTE family since 1828, was asked to manage the estate 
of Nicolas-Louis Delamotte on his death. 
The House then took the name “Lanson, Père et Fils”.

“1937 Victor Lanson decided to focus on the sales of 
"Non-Vintage" Brut Champagnes, 
which he baptised "Black Label".

“2010 To mark its 250th Anniversary, the House of Lanson has launched 
an emblematic blend to « magnify » the unique Lanson Style, 
a special cuvee known as Lanson Extra Age (X.A.).”


Current Availablility:

.Black Label

Both 375ml & 750ml




Napa Valley,California

Far Niente

“Founded in Oakville, California in 1885 and restored in 1979, Far Niente is consistently recognized as a benchmark producer of Napa Valley Chardonnay and Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. A dedication to winemaking in its highest form, paired with a focus on house style, vineyard ownership and social responsibility, has established Far Niente as one of the world’s great wine estates.”


The meaning of Far Niente :


Amazing wines across the board from their flagship cabernets to Dolce “liquid gold” desert wine and their second all estate single vineyard label Nickel & Nickel….the Far Niente name loosely translated means “without a care” The wines produced however are that of metiuculous refinement. Described by the critics of the wine world using words like : sumptuous, ageless, superlative, just to use a few.

The varitals of Far Niente represent a true homage to Burgundian whites and structured ageworthy Cabernets. Nickel & Nickel wines are the younger brother bringing a more youthful fruit driven presentation to one’s palate. Leaving the amazing expression of a digestive Dolce – certain to make one longing for more.


Current Availability:

Far Niente

2011 Chardonnay


2009 Cabernet Sauvignon


2008,2007,2006,2005 Cave Collection Cabernet Sauvignon

2007 Dolce


Nickel & Nickel


2012 Truchard


2011 Stiling


2012 Medina



2007 Bonfire

Cabernet Sauvignon

2009,2010 John C.Sullenger


2009,2010 Quarry


2009,2010 Tench


2010 Hayne


2009 CC Ranch

2010 State Ranch


2008 Branding Iron
















2010 Papillon

2010 Papillon


The wine casts a dark shade of crimson with a tinge of magenta on the rim of the glass. Classic aromas of currant, cassis, and plum are instantly present along with soft French oak notes and some cedar box accents. Rich and opulent, flavors of Bing cherry, ripe blackberry, mocha, espresso, and black licorice welcome the palate. The density and concentration is succeeded with round and silky tannins providing an incredibly long finish. 

60% Cabernet Sauvignon
37% Merlot
 2% Petit Verdot
 1% Malbec

Aged 16 months in French oak 


Cstar Price:  $59.99

Regularly:  $79.99

Bisson Abissi

Like Aphrodite rising from the foaming waves, the experience of this golden, sparkling gem is heavenly. With few precious bottles making their way over from Italy, a raised glass among friends is in order.


A basement underwater to 60 meters depth. idea is a winery in Chiavari in Liguria (www.bissonvini.it), which has decided to dip into the waters of Portofino 6 thousand and 500 bottles of wine, to make them stand 18 months and submit it to a natural process of sparkling wine.